Saturday, 16 June 2012

Wonderful Paris

Walking up the Eiffel Tower.. Walking up AND down the Notre Dame.. 
Holiday?? More like a workout!

All the walking... my feet and legs were so sore! My thighs were tense and calve muscles were burning!!

But... What a wonderful little get away! I loved itttt!
Paris is beautiful.. Penelope took lots and lots of snaps! 

And I will be posting them on my blog very sooon! (Haven't even transferred the photos yet though.. I get really lazy...)

Tuh DAH! 

Here are some sneak peaks!

Looks like I was photoshopped into the picture. No.. I was actually here!

Day time 

Night time!
When the lights came on, everyone went OOoooH AHHHhhhh

We look Teeeny!

Penelope had an amazing time in Paris. And so did I! We did a lot of touristy stuff :) 

And the place we stayed at wasn't too bad either.

Messy room.. oops

Recommend you guys going! 

We had so maaaany laughs.. 

"You got Knife?!"
"Knife..? No..  (Empty pockets) Sweeties??'

"Show me your body"
"What? Too Direct?"

"6th floor, 6th floor."
"Mayo, Mayo,"


Until next time..

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