Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Me Love Hats!

Hey Hey Hey!
I love me hats, so I thought I would share what hats I love.


Yes, as you all know, I love glee, I love Rachel Berry fashion taste. But anyways, we are here to talk about hats!

I found a red beret hat! Or people might know it as french hat. And for only 4 quid!! 
Found it here-H&M online 

Cheap right?
There are like 5 colours, and it is 97%wool!

I'm also liking Fedora hats

You can look at these hats here and here.

ALSO! I'm gutted I couldn't get Bec&Bridge Bianca Hat.!!
Look how sexy!! This was at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011

This is the one I LOVE! And want....

If you want to view look at them in more detail, click here for their website!

Such an awesome experience working at Bec&Bridge! 

Until Next time..

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