Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!

Someone came up to me and said 'Happy Fathers Day' 
I replied.. Thanks, but I am not a father. 


But I knew what that person meant.. 

Happy Fathers Day Big Man, My Heavenly Father :)
I know you are watching every one of us, guiding us in the right direction. 
Thank you for my Daddy!! Caring Papa so he is :) 

Though, maybe it will be better if I was daddy's little girl. 
Daddy's little princess.
Daddy's one and only.

Wonder what I will turn out to be...


Dress I wore to Father's Day lunch! 
(I should of took photos of us today.. Awk silly me!)

Pink and blue!

Rosey belt

Wearing two dresses, Blue Lace- Primark
Pink with Black tutu- USC

Couldn't remember how much the dresses were..
The blue lace dress came from a dear friend of mine. 
Well.. She gave me it, and woo! I love freebies! (Thanks babes!!)

I am pretty impressed with iphone camera haha!

So yeah remember what I said about taking family photo?
Well, I didney have one.. 

Found this one tho! 
2010 Christmas.. 

HAHA! Looks like my dads hair is sticking up but its actually the plant behind it! LOL

Until Next time..

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