Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I need a Holiday

My exam is in 2 days... And I'm already thinking of going away somewhere!
If things all plan out.. Might be going to Paris! Parieeee... 

How amazing would it be.. I'm already excited! 
Last time I was there, I was like 9 and we spent our times there at Disneyland.

Well, that's what I remember.. Seeing Mickey and Cinderella and getting autographs from Goofy!
(Wonder if I still have that autograph book... Hmmmmm...)

So This time I will be brining Penelope! (My camera)
She will be with me taking snaps and exploring the lovely country!
I haven't been taking snaps of anything lately... 


Not to worry.. Summer is close and I shall be taking snaps Snaps SNAPS of everything!!


I would like to take time to Thank God for everything. 
The list is never ending to write.. 

But HE is just amazing..
Nothing can compare to Him.

Until Next time..

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