Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dress that I can't Afford

I first laid eyes on this dress when I was in Belfast. Think it was in Cruise...
Anyways, I remember looking at this Beautiful dress and thought wow.
Tartan is such a strange pattern, but it works so well on this dress!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania at Liberty dress at £840.,-Vivienne-Westwood-Anglomania/53888

I was looking through the Stylist Magazine, and that's what triggered my memory of this gorge dress!
I wanted to try this dress on! it has a corset inside too! Which will give you a perfect figure and none of the nasty bits we are all so paranoid about.

But.. £840? That is like a flight to Hong Kong, or New York!
It is a dress to look at and admire, but not a dress to buy.


  1. i love vivienne westwood too!

  2. this dress is extremely cute!
    btw, guess who i am? ;)

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  4. ahhhh i know who you are lol! i am following you too!