Saturday, 13 November 2010

Fashionably LATE!

My First ever Blog!
I will share with you a time where I was late for my train, funny story this.

Looking where to find french hat?  Click on Me Love Hats blog and I will tell you where I found them :)

Left work to catch my delayed train, as I checked it was 15 minutes late, so I thought i was fine.
Clearly not, I looked at the time again, and it was time for my train to arrive! So.. I ran...

Looking like an idiot, my pink lil french hat almost flew of my head and my new bag flying everywhere I finally got on the train. Looking for a space and thought to myself  'why is it so busy today?' until I heard the intercom:

"welcome ladies and gentlemen, your on the train to London's Kings cross"

WHAT?! I quickly got off the train seconds before the door closed on me.
And ran again....

This time zig-zaging through people to get to my other platform! Didn't know where this platform was!

I thank God for delaying my train an extra 3 minutes, cause when I arrived, the train also arrived.
Out of breath, I thought, Thank God, I would of been on the train to London instead of Glasgow Central.

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  1. hehe :) check out me first blog ever tOO!
    keep it up ! xxx