Friday, 13 January 2012

Song of the week!- "Domino" by Jessie J

I'm feeling sexy and freeeee..

Hey Hey! It's one of my favourite artists of all time! Here is Jessie J!

Even thought the video is quite bland compare to her other ones, I just can't stop watching it.. 

Her beautiful sleek hair,
her figure and her wardrobe! 
Come on.. The Onesie, the jacket, her shooooes

and of course.. The tights..

For people who know me, I love my tights.. When the sales were on, think I must of bought like 8 pairs of different tights, all of which were like £3, £2 and even £1! ( yes, I love my bargains)

I'm Laddered tights £12.00

Super Suspender tights £12.00

I just wish I can afford Henry Holland's aka House of Holland tights! They are expensive.. But they are stunning!! 

Look how amazing Jessie J looks in them! 

Yes I want! But maybe I will wait a little longer for them to go on sale.. I refuse to pay £12 for them. You may be thinking "Why not just buy tights that are similar in Primark?"

Well, I have a pair of House of Holland tights. (Down below)

Pretty polly bandana knee tights £8.50
 These are on sale! Go on Asos now if you want a pair. Click here and it will send you right to the website. 

However, I bought these in TK Maxx for £4.. So if you can be bothered to go into TK Maxx, I'm sure you will find a pair.
So yeah, these tights will last you way longer than Primark ones and they are reasonably priced designer tights don't ya think? Come on, celebs are wearing them!

Here are Little Mix ( X-Factor winners) wearing personalised HOH tights. 

Until next time..


  1. Love the tights

  2. I love Jessie J, and the tights are so cute too :)


    Tamara B.