Friday, 26 November 2010

GLEE- Rachel Berry Fashion

For starters, I love Glee! It is so funny! I would tell everyone that is reading my blog to watch it!
I will be writing a lot about Glee in the future.

In the show, everyone always makes fun of what Rachel's wears.

Yeah... Maybe these aren't so nice. The huge jumper with tartan skirt? Hmmm.. But these!
Look at this skirt! I love it!

Not quite sure what shoes these are.. But I'm loving the look! The skirt, blouse and gloves.

Such contrasting colours. Blue jumper, green skirt, yellow ankle warmers. Not something I would wear, but still cool.

Rachel sure loves her tartan. I do think it is very school like. Knee high socks, knitted cardigans, I love the geek chic look.

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