Thursday, 2 June 2011

Life in Sydney so far...

Hey all! Man, I miss my blog.
Sorry, no internet in the house! Been coming to the library to use the net.

So.. Sydney...
What can I say..

You ARE this beautiful... But.. Your not for me. 

I just want to thank God for sooo many things. 
I am alive and well in Sydney. People around my work are getting this bug, and are coming up with something. I am totally fine. 

Speaking of work, my first internship. Thank you God. I have heard so many things about how designers treat their interns, but Bec and Bridge are so nice. I am so blessed to have such nice people around me.
I thank you for the place I am staying in. Providing me shelter. First flat showing and I took it straight away. 
So handy too! Only 15 mins on the bus to my work, and 15 mins walk to the City. Most importantly, just 10 mins walk to Hillsong city Church.

I am staying in Redfern, and when I tell everyone this, they always say "Be careful, its dodgy." " Watch out." and so on. I thank you God for protecting me. I've not seen any dodgy people around me. So yeah thanks for keeping them away from me haha! But to be honest... When people say its dodgy, its not as dodgy as Glasgow or Motherwel. So I'm not afraid. Knowing that You are looking after me :)
You are just amazing in what you do. 

And yeah so... I've not really taken any pictures. I am lazy. 
Sydney is great! But it's not the city for me. I don't fit well here. 
People don't understand me, they think I'm Irish. 
Urm.. Everything is pricey, it's so expensive to do anything in Sydney. Especially the rent! Wherever you stay in Sydney its so expensive to live here! If you want cheap, then you share a room. and thats still like.. 90quid a week. 
Another thing I dislike, Everything is slow. The fashion is slow, technology is slow, banks are slow. I don't think I could live here in future. 
You do get paid more here, I get paid $25 dollars an hour worth of clothes. So I worked in the weekend and I got $586! now thats a lot to spend on clothes. This works out to be.... £300 odd or something?
And working here is relaxing. They are relaxed about things, I guess thats why they are a tad slow. But oooh! I shall show you what I have!
I have this dress, not this jacket, the fluff goes everywhere, but it is warm and comfy
got this dress cause I'm going to a wedding in October!

I have this in Navy colour. Wore this to Sydney Fashion week.

I've got this denim shirt! Such a good design

Yep! I have this Batille pants, I mean trousers

My last buy. Is this Bastille Jacket. Stunning right?

Working at Bec&Bridge has been great experience for me.
First time working backstage at big events! Sydney Fashion Week!! It was so fun! The collection this year is so strong. Check them out!

And then came Sydney Fashion Weekend. Now was that hectic!! We had a lil store, to sell last season stuff, working in retail again. So many people! Bec&Bridge were always really busy!
Check it out.

Working in Bec&Bridge Studio gives me an insight what Designers do backstage. They were very stressed when Sydney Fashion week came, but it was a huge success, and they had a lot of good press. 
It is fun working there, I get to know how it all works, how they dispatch their stuff to boutiques and stores. How they make their garments. I get to help cut the fabric for them to make. So yeah, I got to learn more about fabric cutting! Been sewing lil things for them too! So I say I am better at hand sewing.. ish.. 
I get to work with DANT. Fashion accounts thing. Man is that thing annoying, lol! But.. it keeps all the information you need about every store that buys Bec and Bridge. So yeah, it gives me an idea what you need to be a designer. So much work. 

I am having fun in this wonderful City. 

Until next time

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  1. Ooo, I like the purple stringy like top at 7:40 in the vid and the golden trousers.

    9:28 dress