Friday, 27 May 2011

First few days In Sydney

This is simply a blog of what has happened here. And what I feel.

Sydney baby!! It wasn't till I was in Hong Kong waiting to board till it clicked.
What I'm I doing?!!! Going to Sydney! I know nothing about this city, going myself, no one to pick me up at the airport! What I'm I thinking!?

Well.. I can't go back now. Comfy journey. As soon as I got of the plane, huge billboard with loadsa spiders images, " Did you know, there are more than 2000 different types of spiders in Australia?"
ARghhh! Forgot about spiders! NOOOOO.
 So took a shuttle bus to hostel.
Dropped off bags, walked around the city, opened my account, and woo! I began to settle down.

Walking around the City, green man, cross the road.. cars are waiting to turn in!
I looked at their light,
Like what the...............

Until next time.

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