Thursday, 16 June 2011

Life in Sydney so far part 2..

 I would like to share with you what I have encountered the time I have been in Sydney.
Well Look!! There's a store called Katies!!! In err.. I can't really remember.. I will try and find it.
Ok yeah, I tried looking for it on google, and didn't have any luck. Found a lot of Katies baking and stuff.. hmmm. Oh yeah, this was my 2nd day in Sydney when Peter took me around the City :)

But hey it was cool!

 Ok, take 1.. Too Windy! Hair in the way!

Take 2, still windy but hey getting there. My dress is flying up too, trying to hold it down

Take 3. Beautiful wave in the background. Not sure about me tho, It was so windy can barely see!

GADS! Cockroaches

Ok, so first time I had a cockroach, it was in my room! and I panicked. So grabbed a cup and caught it! WOO! 2nd time, big ass one came in through the door, and I totally squished it with mags. ( mags as in magazines, not like .. proper mags) 

Size of this beast! I watched it for like 30 mins making sure it doesn't escape! bluergh..

To double make sure it doesn't get out. I stacked my book and another cup to secure it. Take that cockroach! Oh and the black thing next the cup is a cockroach trap. Not really sure how it works, think if a cockroach eats it then like it dies. Or something.  But it was MINGIN!! 
Think I had like.. 6 cockroaches altogether. 

One time!! I was watching Tv, and I heard rustling to my right, near the kitchen. I got freaked, so I grabbed the cockroach spray turned on all the lights. Walked into the kitchen holding the spray like this.
I was watching Lost at the time, so I think its relevant to use Kate in this haha! But yeah. Holding my spray, and the beast was right next to me! I swoosh round and sprayed the thing!! Totally shot it. And yes it died.

Memories in Sydney

It was Lorraine's Birthday! So we surprised her with a cake a mini gifts! 
Yummy Green Tea Latte

I was like in shock when I seen this, I mean come on! Double decker train!! I thought it was cool. And it is still packed! Crazy.

Can you spot Christopher here? We just finished the Easter Service at Hillsong, seen these people do their stuff, and Chris joins in. He never fails to make me laugh haha! Easter service was amazing. I'm gutted that I won't be here for Hillsong Conference.
At the Easter Service, it was literally like a concert. Even though it was like a rock concert, I was still emotional.

Sorry Christopher, I stole ya photos :P
But hey! These are memories to me too!
Me and Chris did the Bondi to Coogee walk. ( when I first seen Coogee, I thought it was congee)

Amazing Views and sucha relaxing walk.

Fashion Events

It's Jennifer Hawkins! 
Jennifer Hawkins is so HOT and such a nice model. This was at an event at Myers, where she was interviewing other aussie designers, think one of them spoke to us, but I didn't know who it was haha! But yeah Really nice stuff and she was really nice. Check her site!

I took some snap shots at Sydney Fashion Week backstage.
The models weren't here yet, so I couldn't take pictures with models. They are always late, but hey! It's the fashion world.
Such a good collection though, gutted I'm not here to see it go in production

These shoes are stunning, but I don't think they are that comfy. They feel amazing tho.
 B&B Chrysler heels come in different colours.

Until Next Time..

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