Friday, 24 October 2014

My Crazy Dragon Dream

I wanted to write this all down before I forget it.

Most people know I have these crazy dreams, which most likely won't ever come true.

So where to begin..
When you dream, you don't remember how it started right? Or how you got there?

Well, the first thing I remembered..

I was involved with in a dragon race.
My dragon looked a lot like Toothless in How to Train your Dragon.
I called my dragon Nightly, because he was a night fury? I don't know why..

But in my dream, they were like the enemy.. Kinda..
We were riding the dragons, like racing them. It was all weird, I was on his back then he was carrying me... Then I was just like falling.. But Nightly ALWAYS caught me.

I loved my dragon!! We won the race actually! We fell in the water under bridge crossing the finish line! Where the other dragons flew over the bridge. But it was such a close one, the other dragon that came second was erm... not very friendly.. Specially the rider..

He kept talking down on me, and saying my dragon is worthless! Not worth my time and that we shouldn't be spending so much time with them.

I, of course did not listen. I loved Nightly, and I wanted to protect him. But when I tried.. This other dragon captured him and chained him up! They took him just out of my reach. I could see Nightly and tried to get to them cause I saw this other dragon about to tear him up! Nightly was useless! All chained up!

But for some bizarre reason, I kept shouting NO! NO! Someone was holding back. I couldn't run to him. Free him. Help him.

Then out of nowhere.. The alpha dragon.. If that's what you want to call it.. Roared and thrashed everywhere. It looked like that dragon was going to eat EVERYTHING! Nightly was still chained up, so I used that distraction to run to him to help him. The other dragons fled.

The people fled too. I mean, who wouldn't right?

Oh right.. Yeah.. Me..

Even when I ran towards Nightly, he shook his head at me, silently telling me to hide or run I don't know. So I did.. I ran towards these balcony doors round the corner and hid behind this plant. Like the big dragon won't find me.

Once the Alpha scared everyone away, he slowly strolled towards Nightly.
I couldn't let him hurt him. So I jumped out and shouted NO! Don't HURT him!

Like you know.. It could understand me..

But nope.. It started going towards me.
Very slowly.

So I had no choice but to leave Nightly and run out the balcony doors and climb down.

Dreams are so weird. I don't even know how I got up so high.. Cause I was in the river.. Then suddenly we were in a building.

But anyways, once I climbed down, it was dark.
So I ran as quick as I could without turning back.

And GAH! I kept bumping into gangsters, and Triads..
I thought my dragon would come and swoop me up and save me.

But nope.. I kept running till morning broke out..

Sad thing about this dream?
I didn't see Nightly again..
Will never know what happened to him. If that big alpha dragon killed him? Helped him?

I don't know..
Cause I woke up!!!

Until next time..

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