Friday, 19 September 2014

Song of the Week - "Photograph"


I know I've been posting a lot of Ed Sheeran's song, but seriously, I should just post his whole album.

Ed Sheeran X.

I fell in love with this album, it's amazing. He is so talented.
Yeah, he's my new man crush at the moment.

Funny story to tell you all, me and a friend went to a store to get a drink and one of his song played.
I said man I love Ed Sheeran, and my friend said what, you're a vegetarian?

LOL! Er.. no.

Anyways, just thought I'd share that with you, I was howling for a bit. Don't you just laugh those lil moments?

Anyways, here's Photograph.

I always wonder if he writes all these songs from experience or what not.

I have to admit, I shed a tear when I heard this song.

Here he is! Singing at Capital FM sessions.

Until Next time..

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