Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sneak peek to my buys

This year I didn't buy as much as last year!!

I spent... £205.. But I'm going to return stuff on Thursday so will re-calculate then haha!

Most of my purchases were from Next and Debenhams..

I only buy things from Next when it's on sale! Never full price.. I think it's too pricey.. But that's my opinion, and I love my bargains. 
All my items are under £20! Part from my shoes.. But they use to be 49 down to 24! So I saved!! 
I bought two pair of the same colour so I can decide which colour to keep. Pictures will be up soon :)

Bought this dress too from Lipsy! Had a dream about this dress.. My dreams are crazy..
Been trying to find it online but no luck.. So will post a pic soon!!
Oh oh oh! I found the dress I bought!

Lipsy Multi Strap Dress with Dipped Hem

Back view
This dress use to be £69?!?! WHAAAAT?! I got it for £16.. Mwa hahaha! It was £25 on Asos but now out of stock!

Dress with Dipped Hem looks stunning.. I am quite small, so this dress looks like a maxi to me! But still I still love it.. I shall post pictures up soon! 

I also got this skirt from Lipsy. Bought these in Next clearance

Lipsy Layered Mesh Ribbon Skirt
Back view
I bought these for a tenner. I am still debating wether to keep these or not.. £10 for a skirt.. Is that worth it? It is right? 

I love Next clearance.. 
But other than Next.. I bought a jacket! Yeah I know.. Another coat.. But but but.. It's Ted Baker! :D
But will have to wait till I take a pic and post it up! 

Until next time..

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