Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Few days ago, I went to see Sleeping Beauty with few friends.

I lovveeed it! Even though we were sitting at one of the boxes, it was still good!

We were sitting on the right side, so we couldn't really see what was happening on the right side of the stage.. And the action was happening on that side too! The castle and the dinner table..  Haha! It was £10 and we had our own lil space.. So not too bad..

But ohwells.. Stil got to see the dancers do their stuff.. They make it so easy.. We can see the strong leg muscles on the ballet dancers.. And yet, still delicate..

Here are a few snaps I found some photos from photographer Andrew Ross here.

You will also find the synopsis on the Scottish Ballet website too!
Personally, I had to read it after the show to know exactly what happened on each Act and scene. 

How awesome are the costumes and tutus!

The Fairies were al beautiful and amazing!!!
I just LOVE the tutus.
To know more about their company, look here

The men were amazing! Boy can they dance..
The Queen wearing that dress and can still dance!
 So good!
They had all colours!!
Snow White had Navy ones!
And there were lilac ones! All so pretty

This ballet dancer was our Sleeping Beauty.

The wedding dress is so cute!

Here is the japanese girl that was our sleeping beauty
 as a different character
Behind is the staircase and the chandelier thing

I miss ballet.. When I get married and have a daughter, I am going to make her take ballet classes..

Until next time..

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