Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Silent Disco Experience

Heya! Gosh.. I totally neglected my blog during 4th year..

But  hey! I have finished now! 

So now, I can start blogging again! 


I want to share with you the time I went to a Silent Disco!! This happened in Gala believe it or not!

I loved it to bits! 

We had our wireless headphones, they were 2 channels to choose from, you can adjust the volume and all that jazz.

It was hilair watching other people dance to no music.. And peeps singing out loud to songs, of course, I was one of them too haha!

I would totally go again! Its like your own lil party! So much fun and banter. Rachel and I were like pointing to each other which channel to switch to so we could dance to the same song.

Here are some pictures of the night..

Gosh.. Just realised when this happened.. 8th of March 2012... I stil remember it like it was yesterday!

It MAY seem we are like the only ones in the club.. But more people do come! I promise... It's cause we went early so we could leave early.. 

SEE! theres people!!

I have so much more photos I would love to share with you but..

Until next time..

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