Sunday, 7 October 2012

Why did the Scotsman Cross Britain?

Today - Saturday..

Seems like a long day.. After work went home tried to change my wheels of my skates, but failed.

So Why did the Scotsman Cross Britain!?

Mark Ritchie.. What an amazing man. 
He has the courage to carry the cross on his back walking 700 miles up and across Britain!

Started at Brighton!! 700 miles... 
Imagine walking 700 miles.. INSANE!!

So great though, hearing his stories today at Hope Church.
I could not stop laughing, he is one heck of a guy. He is SO funny! 
Wish you were here to hear him speak about the message of the cross.

We are so broken, so messed up.
We leave our rubbish and talk crap everyday.

How do we get over that? 

Things we did in the past, things I did in the past I regret. 
But.. We can't go back in time and change what happened. 

We just simply CAN'T do it. 

But.. Jesus.. Paid if all off when He died on the cross. 
He died for us so we don't have to feel broken or messed up.

Yes, we still do it, but hey.. the Big Man forgives us. 
We repent and God forgives us!
Simply cause He is a loving and caring God. 

Mark Ritchie got everyone in the room to write your regrets on a post it note and then slide it in the cross.
Our debt has been paid off.

I guess I just needed that reminder..

Click here to see Mr Ritchie's travel. 
AND hey, follow him on twitter! He's been taking pics of ALL his locations :)


Here's one of them..

Amazing huh? That's Mark Ritchie! Carrying the cross with all the post it notes people put in! 

So why did the Scotsman Cross Britain?

Well I guess to share God's Love to everyone.
God IS Love.

Until Next time..

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