Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Recent Buys

I said I would take some snaps of what I bought in the sales after Christmas..
But.. I haven't gotten round that.. 

I can tell you this! I recently bought a new camera! A Lumix GF2 ( Woop Woop)
So I'm waiting for that to come through and then I can start taking snaps of everything and everywhere!!

So anyway, thought I had to share my recent buys..

Lipsy Printed Mesh Ballerina Skirt

I love this skirt.. And guess how much I bought it for?

A Fiver.. 

In Next Clearance in Livingston Outlet! I got to stop going there, every time I go in, I end up buying something.. 

Sights like Stylecompare and Designer Desirables are selling the skirt for £20!  RRP £40

I highly recommend you go to Next Clearance or just go to Next when theres a sale! I guarantee that Lipsy in Next will be the cheapest place to buy. 

I also bought this dress from there (Also Lipsy)..

Lipsy Summer Jacquard Dress

Back View

Stunning dress huh?

I got this dress for £7 in Next Clearance. Not had the chance to wear it yet but I love it!

Its amazing on, makes you look slimmer! Features a structured design at the front and back (hides your baby fat and sucks your belly right in!) Its great! 

Oh and this dress comes with straps, so no need to worry if you think the dress will fall down or whatever.

If you want the dress in your hands, then ASOS is selling it for £13. Click here and it will take you straight on it.

Also guys, I don't know whether I should keep this dress from H&M

I got this Pink Dress for £7! RRP £29.99..

So thought I would buy and try it on at home. 
In the first picture, I still had my jeans and boots on. ( I was too lazy to take off bottom half)

But what do you think?
Shall I buy? Or should I take it back?

It will be good for weddings and a formal dinner or any other parties.. 

Would love to heard your opinion :) 

Until next time..

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  1. Love both of your purchases! The floral skirt is so versatile, can be worn with a leather jacket, button down or just a simple tank top!!
    I like the look of your blog!