Thursday, 3 November 2011

Song of the Week- "The One that Got away"

She is amazing.. Went to see her in Glasgow on Tuesday 1st of November.
She blew me away..
Katy Perry can actually sing!! Her voice is so delicate, soft and just simply amazing.

Her concert is amaazinggg! One of the best I have ever been to. Would see her again Fo'SURE!
Here are some photos I managed to take. 

Her dress is amazing!

She is so pretty

This is when she sang thinking of you.
Just Katy and her guitar

Can you see beach balls? 
loveheart confetti!

Katy Perry's Style is just.. Amaze. What she wore, dresses, catsuits, ballgown dresses. Anything she can do it! I would recommend anyone to go see her. 

Until next time..

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