Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Photo Shoot

Sorry, not blogged in .. a while..
I would say I have been busy, but I'm not sure why I'm busy.

Anyways, I got a phone call one morning and it said I won a make-over and photo shoot.
So I went for it.
When the person said, bring yourself, no make up, hair washed and different outfits.
Own clothes? Lots of ideas were running in my head.. Yes, lets do some styling baby!

So went shopping in Jenners, I was with Gi San Michael (William) and Ken at the time.
No joke, It literally took me 20 minutes to find my outfits.

Didn't have time to try on this dress! I put the dress up against me and was like " Yep this will do" 
I like the wall paper.

Dress is from Warehouse £65.00 but got student discount so down to £58.50.
Me own shoes, Caverla- think I got them for £39
Chanel Clutch, not sure how much it was actually, but it is very pretty!

The Boobtube top is from fast Fashion and I got it for £14.00 :) It is £20 before and for 30%off
Skirt is Miss Selfridge at £10, I love my Skirt.
The necklace if from Primark believe it not.

Jeans are from River Island like 3 years ago or something.
The shoes are Jasper Conran shoes where I got them on sale too! hehe, it was like, £9 or something!
The vest top and white silk Blouse is from a little boutique in Edinburgh called Kakao by K,
check it out

I love this shot,
Blouse is Biba at £70,
leather jacket is Ted Baker at £265.50, I got discount! It would of been £295.00
Denim shorts are from Topshop at £22.50

Vivien- H&M dress, LOVE IT! it 

I love my shoes! they are from New Look and I got them for £16 or something cause it was 20% off on shoes and additional 10% for students. AMAZING.

I had alot of fun with Vivien doing this shoot. Took all day practically with hair and make-up. Get ready for more photo shoots in future! I had so much fun doing this :) 

Any Styling or help with your photoshoots, give me a shout. I would love to work with you. 


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